Customs Clearance

Star Freight Services can assist with all required documentation, including permits, bill of lading, transhipment permits, delivery orders and insurance applications if required. We have the authorities and licences required to generate the necessary shipping documentation, which will most likely be required by customs.

Documentation/Custom Clearance Services

While we can generally assist with all aspects of documentation and customs clearance, these are the areas we are approached by clients to assist with:

  • Shipping documentation
  • Import, export & GST permits
  • Requirement checklists
  • Classified licences
  • Fumigation or inspection procedures if required
  • Certification
  • Insurance application, if required

Our Approach

Because we have been in the industry for number of years, we know exactly what the port authorities’ require within most countries – especially for Singapore, Australia, Indonesia, USA, UAE & Europe. Our unrivalled expertise and efficient methods ensure a faster and simpler process every time.

Star Freight Services has obtained classified licenses to ship food, fruits and DG Cargos. This enables us to process clearance at ports more easily. We are also able to organise a fumigation or inspection procedure at your request, with a certified document provided upon completion.

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